WCC2’s NPL 2022 is packed with new, alluring features to delight gamers.

April 7, 2022

WCC2’s National Premier League (NPL) has always been a favourite of mobile cricket gamers who love to
take on exciting challenges. In order to consistently deliver a top-notch gaming experience, Nextwave Multimedia ceaselessly strives to enhance the gameplay with refreshing features and concepts.

There are 2 new teams that figure in WCC2’s NPL 2022 edition – Lucknow Leopards and Gujarat Giants.
In this updated version, the auction comes with RTC (Right to Challenge) – a unique feature that adds value to the player-acquisition process.

This edition of NPL on WCC2 looks even more captivating thanks to a spectacular array of new, exclusive jerseys.
The updated player roster, plus the updated ladder format and schedule pep it up even further.

Plus, there are NPL discounts for previous owners!

WCC2’s NPL 2022 is an absolute treat for fans who are sure to cherish every moment of the gaming experience.