World Cricket Championship 2 : FAQ

Google Play Sign In Problem


Player's device has Google Account with required Google Gamer ID, but still the game does not Sign In.
The Player launches the game, waits for the game to Auto - Sign In; the game fails to Sign In to the Google Account.
The Player launches the game, clicks on Sign In button inside the game; the game fails to Sign In after providing the Player with the Google Account selection pop-up.


The only know and working resolution to this problem is to follow the following steps in order.

  • Goto > Settings > Apps > Select Google Play Service > Force Stop
  • Goto > Settings > Apps > Select Google Play Service > Storage > Manage Space > Clear All Data
  • The launch the game and try Sign In; the Sign In will work perfectly.


Player's device has Google Account with no Google Gamer ID, does not Sign In to the game when using Mobile Data.(But works with WiFi).
The Player has the game, but has never created a Google Gamer ID (ie; fresh Google Account).
The Player launches the game, Sign In process takes place with a pop-up showing that there is No Active Internet Connection even when there is one.
The problem here is that the Google Server is not responding or rather the request is failing before it reaches the Google Server.

Resolution 1:

  • Goto > Settings > Date & Time > Turn ON Automatic Date
  • Goto > Settings > Date & Time > Turn ON Automatic Time
  • The launch the game and try Sign In; the Sign In will work perfectly.

Resolution 2:

  • Turn OFF any Network Restriction that might be ON from Settings > Data Usage.

Resolution 3:

  • Try to use the WiFi to Sign In to the game.

Resolution 4:

  • Try to use a VPN (eg; Opera VPN) to Sign In to the game.


On updating the app version, the Player launches the game, clicks on Sign In button inside the game; the game fails to Sign In.


Update Google Play Games application and try again.

Unable to login into the game

If you are facing sign in issues in your Android mobile device kindly follow the instructions given below depending on your version of the OS. Hacked or altered version of the game downloaded from stores other than the ones officially used by the developer will not support sign in. If you face further issues after this kindly mail us the details and scenario of the bug to so we can look into it and extend support.

For Android 4.4-5.1.1

Step 1- Google play games & google play service should be updated(open play games & ensure that no sync error issue occurs).

Step 2- Sync the google account in settings which is used for the game (settings- accounts- google-sync now)

For Android 6.0 and above

All app permissions have to be allowed in order to sign in. Go to Settings - Apps - World Cricket Championship 2 - Permissions - allow all the permissions manually.

Altered or hacked versions

Altered or hacked version of World Cricket championship 2, is likely to be unstable and bug prone. The hacked versions generally do not support sign in and any issues related to these versions of World Cricket Championship 2 will not be supported by the team.


1. What is the minimum configuration needed to play World Cricket Championship 2?

Minimum Requirement:

Android: 1GB RAM | Android 4.0 or later | Device powered by an ARMv7 (Cortex family) CPU | GPU support for OpenGLES 2.0 is recommended

Windows: Windows Phone 8 and above

iOS: iPhone 4s and above

2. Can I play this game offline?

Yes, you can play World Cricket Championship 2 offline but you need an internet connection to sync your coins, send or receive challenges from others.

Although, you will need internet for the following:

  • Gangs of Cricket
  • Shout board
  • Sharing Points
  • Store
  • Cloud Sync

3. How do I sign up for the game?

Android – You have the option of logging in automatically the first time you open the game. If you miss this opportunity, you can sign in by clicking the sign in button on the top left corner of the game's landing page.

iOS – You have to sign in manually by clicking the sign in button on the top left corner of the game's landing page.

Windows - You have to sign in manually by clicking the sign in button on the top left corner of the game's landing page.

4. Can I play the game only if I sign up?

Not really, you can play the game even without signing in. We recommend you to sign-in to enjoy the following privileges:

  • You can also get you name up on the Leader Board.
  • Share/receive points from friends
  • Can chat in Shout board
  • Sync your points & stats

5. What is Quick play?

In this mode, you can select any team and opponent of your choice and play a quick single match. These are single matches starting from 2 overs. You will get 2,5,10 overs to start with . Earn more coins and you can unlock more overs from store.

6. Where do I find the help content to play?

You can find the instructions in the Help section on the Main page. You can also have the tutorial turned on to help you with the game controls.

7. I accidentally deleted the game from my phone. How can I restore it back?

Download the game from the game store again using the same id and everything will be restored!

8. How do I retrieve the points and achievements I scored earlier?

After you sign-in to the game, your points and achievements also get restored. So you don’t have to worry about starting from scratch.

9. Why is the game lagging in my device?

You have to make sure your device meets the minimum requirements. You should have atleast:

  • Android:
    • 1GB RAM
    • Android 4.0 or later
    • Device powered by an ARMv7 (Cortex family) CPU
    • GPU support for OpenGLES 2.0 is recommended
  • Windows:
    • Windows Phone 8 and above
  • iOS:
    • iPhone 4s and above

If the problem still persists, make sure you close other unnecessary applications. You can also try and restart your device.

10. What is ‘Gangs of Cricket’? How can I be a part of a gang?

In this mode, you can compete with other players of World Cricket Championship 2 and complete missions to earn bonus coins. You will earn bonus coins if you and all the members in your gang complete a particular challenge successfully.

Enter the ‘Gangs of Cricket’ option on the landing page. If you are not a part of any gang, then select the ‘join gang’ option. A list of public gangs will be displayed; you can choose to join any gang. You can also search for a gang from the search option.

To create your own gang, select the ‘create gang’ option. Then select the type of gang (Public or Private) and the gang member count. You have to spend coins based on the count: 5000 coins for a 25 member gang and 10000 coins for a 50 member gang.

We will give you a set of 7 challenges every week to complete. You can compete in challenges as an individual or as a part of a Gang. You get bonus coins if you compete in challenges as a part of a gang.

11. What is a private gang and what is a public gang?

Private gangs are gangs that are not open to new members except by invitation. Public gangs are open to all players of World Cricket Championship 2.

12. What is Open Challenge?

Open challenge helps the player to compete against other players with similar XP points for coins. Any player can wager coins and challenge any other player to beat his/her batting or bowling performance. The winner gains double the coins and the loser forgoes his wagered amount.

13. How do I send an Open Challenge?

Go to the Open Challenge option, then set all the required parameters, choose your opponent and then you can send your challenge across.

Shout Board

1. What is the Shout Board?

The Shout Board is a chat room, where you can connect with other WCC users from all parts of the world. You can use the Shout Board to:

  • Chat about the game
  • Request for/send points
  • Make new friends and form your Gang


1. What are Missions?

Missions are a set of 3 renewable quests that you can complete to earn more Xps. Once you reach a target XP you level up.


1. What is the World Cup 2015?

This is a typical 50 over game tournament modeled around the World Cup.

2. What is World T20 Cup?

Teams compete in a T20 world cup tournament.

3. What is the Blitz Tournament?

This mode has about 18 teams who compete in 2 over matches. The difficulty the game keeps increasing as the player moves deeper into the tournament.

4. What is the ODI series?

The ODI series has three modes- Best of 3, best of 5 and best of 7.

5. What is National Premier League-India?

This is modeled around the Indian Premier League.


1. How do I earn coins?

Coins can be earned by playing matches as well as bought through in-App purchases.

This is how you earn coins:

  • Batting:
    • Earn 1 coin for every single.
    • Earn 6 coins for every four.
    • Earn 8 coins for every six.
    • You earn coins for winning matches. The amount of earnings varies according to the format.
    • You also earn extra coins for winning tournaments and qualifying for the knockout stages for every tournament.
  • Bowling:
    • Earn 2 coins for every dot ball
    • Earn 25 coins for every wicket
    • Earn 50 coins for every a maiden over
    • Earn 100 coins for every hattrick
  • Tournaments:
    • World Cup – When you win the Quarterfinal - 4000
    • World Cup – When you win the Semifinal - 8000
    • World Cup – When you lose the Final (Runner up) - 15000
    • World T20 Cup – When you lose the (Runner up) - 10000
    • When you win the WorldCup - 25000
    • When you win the World T20 Cup - 23000
    • When you win the ODI series - 20000
    • When you win the Blitz tournaments - 15000
  • Here are some quick and easy ways to earn coins:
    • You get coins for winning a match depending on the game format. (Number of overs)
    • Every hall of fame achievement that you gain gives you coins. Coins earned vary according to the achievement.
    • If you feel you are short of coins, you can request some from your friends.

If the problem still persists, make sure you close other unnecessary applications. You can also try and restart your device.

2. What are experience points (XPs) and how much XPs do I gain for every match?

Experience points indicate your position in the game. It also indicates your skill and your experience in World Cricket Championship 2.

This is how you can earn XPs:

  • Hitting a four and a six in an over.
  • Take a wicket and bowl a dot ball in the same over.
  • Scoring 30 runs or more in an over.
  • Earning a Hall of Fame achievement.
  • Building a partnership of more than 50 runs.
  • Scoring more than 70 percent of your total score in a match in boundaries.
  • Restricting the opponent to less than or equal to 6 runs in an over.
  • Restricting the opponent to less than or equal to 4 runs per over in an inning.
  • Bowling the opponent out in an inning.

3. What are Hall of Fame and Hall of Bloopers?

The Hall of Fame records all your achievements in the game and the Hall of Bloopers records your not-quite-an- achievement moments.

  • Total number of Hall of Fame Achievements : 36
  • Total number of Hall of Shame Achievements : 12

Player Settings

1. How can I choose the bowler?

When you choose to bowl, you can also choose the bowler you want to send for that over.

2. Can I choose the batsman while batting?

Yes, when you are batting you can choose Striker batsman and Non-Striker batsman while starting the innings. And when a wicket falls, you can choose the next batsman to enter the ground.

3. How can I set the fielding?

The fielding option is on the top right corner of the game page. We have a few pre-set fielding options for you. You can choose one among those. If you aren’t quite satisfied with our arrangement, you can also manually place your fielders. But remember, you can choose the fielding position only for your team and not the opponent’s.

4. What is the use of edit player name and player profile?

Editing the player gives a variety of options. You can decide if you want your player to be the captain of your team, if he is a right hand batsman or left handed. You can also make him a fast or medium fast or spin bowler. The best part is that you can edit the player’s name and customize it to create your own personal team with the names of your friends!

5. Your Game is really cool! How do I rate this app?

Press ‘Rate this APP’ button in the settings! You can also rate the app in the game Store.

Account Settings

1. Why should I verify my email id?

This will help us to reach you with important news, promotions, game updates, offers etc., (we don’t spam). It will be useful if you forgot your password & on top of it, you will get bonus points for verifying your email id!

2. Once I have verified my email id, can I edit / change it later?

No, you cannot change the verified email id. One id holds only one account.

System Requirements

Android Device
  • Android OS 4.0 or later
  • Device powered by an ARMv7 (Cortex family) CPU
  • GPU support for OpenGLES 2.0 is recommended
  • 1GB RAM (recommended for fluid gameplay)
Ios Device
  • Ios 8.0 or later
  • 1GB RAM
Windows Device
  • Windows 8.1 or later
  • 1GB RAM
  • Device powered by either x86 or x84 or ARM

Game Notification Fix

There are five settings that needs to be done manually in case of xiaomi to properly run any application. I have done a lot of research on this and there's no way to fix these settings programmatically. These are the settings:

  • Auto Start -> ON (Toggle and restart your app)
  • MIUI Optimization under Developer Options -> OFF
  • Memory Optimization under Developer Options -> LOW/OFF
  • No restrictions on background activities under Battery & Performance Settings
  • Battery Saver -> OFF

There are many other devices in which the manual settings needs to be done in order for the app to work as expected e.g. Lenovo, some Micromax devices. Companies impose these kind on restrictions on background activities to improve the overall battery life. Some apps like facebook and whatsapp work correctly as these might have been included as system apps.

Redownload game (Missing obb file)

To fix the missing obb file issue

The missing obb file issue may occur if you have recently used an app cleaner on your mobile device. The deep clean option in the App cleaners tend to wipe out the obb data. Kindly make sure you do not accidentally delete the obb file.

  • First Uninstall the Application.
  • Now, Go to Google play store -->> Download the Application (WCC2).
  • Go to File Manager -> android -> obb -> com.nextwave.wcc2 folder->Check if the obb file is there inside the folder.
  • If the issue persists send us the details of your device and the issue summary to so we can look into it.

Game Crash in Redmi Devices

For those who are unable to open WCC2 in Redmi Devices, we have identified that Apps Cleaner could possibly be the reason. Apps cleaner deletes the files that are essential for the game to run in any mobile device. Follow the below steps for the smooth flow of the gameplay;

Step 1
Reinstall WCC2 from Play Store/App Store

Step 2
Ensure you don't run the Apps cleaner. If you do, please re-install the game instantly .
For further queries, kindly write to us.

YouTube Publishing

1. Can I publish my WCC gameplay videos/ Recorded matches/ Highlights to YouTube without any Copyright issues?

Please note that you can publish your WCC game play videos on YouTube, but while adhering to the following conditions -

  • Hacking tips/ Inappropriate content/ Derogatory remarks/ Abusive language are strictly not allowed in the video
  • No other game footage is allowed to be shown as WCC game play footage
  • WCC footage cannot be used to promote any other games
  • Credits to Nextwave Multimedia/ World Cricket Championship must be mentioned in the video.