WCC3 Pre-Registration is open now!

April 30, 2020

To all WCC fans,

This is a game about you. Over the years, we’ve shared so much with each other, successes and failures… ups and downs. Your passion for the game inspires us every day to do better, to be better. Our common love for cricket brings us together… and this game really is the best way we can express it.

WCC3 will take what you know and love about cricket gaming, and amplify your experience in new ways. Some things will be comforting and familiar, while others will be exciting, challenging and will push you to explore the new. We’d love to get your feedback on this journey, and we invite you to do just that.

This is our first big product launch with all team members working from home. It’s been a very tough few weeks gearing up towards the new game launch with the entire team spread across the country, with some team members in remote villages, managing power cuts and slow internet.

The team is working through many weekends and late nights to deliver this without setting foot in the office.

  • Pre-register now to get notification and early access.
  • Expect Game feature videos, game trailers and announcements every week leading up to the launch.
  • We are making the final runs to complete and ship the game to you.
  • WCC3 will be launched in 2 phases

PRE-REGISTER NOW and get a sneak peek into the new cutting edge of cricket gaming – https://bit.ly/3ct1dcE