WCC is among gaming titles of Red Bull M.E.O Season 4 in India and Sri Lanka

October 5, 2021

Red Bull M.E.O is the world’s largest Mobile Esports Open competition. Open to all participants (above 16 years), it serves as a great platform for aspiring mobile gamers to come into contact with Esports professionals in a level-playing field. The champions will enjoy the coveted status of being acknowledged as the best mobile Esports gamers in the country, besides enjoying many other payoffs.

The Season 4 of Red Bull M.E.O, starting October 2021, is bigger and better than ever, with players from 30 countries competing to prove their mettle across a series of mobile games. World Cricket Championship (WCC2 & WCC3) figures among the gaming titles of Red Bull M.E.O Season 4 held in India and Sri Lanka.

In India, the qualifiers will run for 48 days on both WCC2 and WCC3. Winners of the daily qualifiers will progress to the play-offs. A total of 96 players (48 from WCC2 and 48 from WCC3) will participate in the play-offs, which will be conducted on WCC Rivals.

Here’s wishing all participants good luck and great gaming.


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