How to play World Cup Live

October 10, 2023

Hey WCC3 Superstars!!

The World Cup fever is on. Get ready to enjoy the heights of excitement on WCC3 World Cup Live mode. We’ve created an exclusive step-by-step guidance to help you make the most of all the amazing things in WCC3 World Cup Live mode. 

Let's get started guys… and make sure you don't miss a beat!

  1. Launch the WCC3 Game:
    - First things first, fire up the WCC3 game on your mobile device.
  2. Accessing World Cup Live:
    - Head over to the Home menu within the game.
  3. Register for World Cup Live:
    - To be a part of the action, hit 'World Cup Live,' and sign up using your email. This is important for prize notifications in case you win.
  4. Accessing the World Cup Live Mode:
    -Once you're all registered, you're in! Welcome to the World Cup Live mode.
  5. Making Predictions:
    - Time to flex your predicting skills! Choose the team you think will win. once you've picked a team, it's locked in.
  6. Play Real World Matches:
    - Here, you can play matches that resemble the ongoing real-life World Cup Tournament.
  7. Playing the Match:
    -Play the full match to submit your prediction for the chosen team.
  8. Scoring Points:
    - The more matches you win, the more you score. So every match counts!.
  9. Match Timing:
    - You've got 24 hours to play the match and score points after it's unlocked for prediction.
  10. Doubling Your Score:
    - Guess what? If your match prediction is spot-on, we'll double your score so Make Sure to predict every match
  11. Earning Raffle Tokens:
    - Collect 10 points to earn a raffle token. The more raffle tokens you have, the greater your chance to win a prize.
  12. Lucky Draw Reward:
    - Once every two weeks, a lucky winner will be drawn for an amazing reward. Curious about the ongoing raffle rewards? The Winners of the raffle will be shown in the Winner Section
  13. Raffle End Date :
    - Make sure to participate before the raffle ends on November 22nd
  14. Winner Announcement:
    - If you are one of the lucky winners, Keep an eye out for a mail from our team
  15. Prediction Luck Draw:
    - Even if luck wasn't on your side, we've got something for you. Check out 'Prediction Lucky Draw' after the real-life world cup is over to win exciting gifts based on your prediction accuracy.
  16. Additional Help:
    - Feeling a bit lost? Tap the 'i' icon in the top right corner for a quick refresher on the instructions.

Enjoy the thrill of the World Cup Live mode in WCC3 and may the odds be ever in your favor!