Rivals Guide

Gameplay Basics

1. Can I play this game offline?

Sorry, no. WCC Rivals is a real-time, multiplayer online experience where you face off against other gamers, so you’ll need to be connected online to play.

2. What kind of internet connection do I need to play WCC Rivals?

We recommend you connect to WCC Rivals using either WiFi or 4G

Avoid disconnecting from games as this results in penalties.

3.How do I sign up for the game?

On installing the game it will prompt you to sign in using either Google or Facebook.

4.Can I play the game only if I sign in?

Yes, you’ll need to sign in using either Google or Facebook.

5.What is the game format?

The default game mode is a real-time, 2 over cricket match between you and an opponent randomly assigned to you through skill-based matchmaking.

After clicking “Play”, you can decide which room to enter.

A toss decides who bats or bowls first, and the match starts.

You’ll do both batting and bowling. Fielding is managed by the AI for both teams.

The winner will get the following rewards:

  • Coins (double of Entry Fee)
  • Bonus Coins (Match Earnings)
  • Tokens (premium currency)
  • Skill Rating

The loser will lose the following:

  • Coins (Entry fee)
  • Skill Rating

The loser will still earn Bonus Coins from Match Earnings

6. Where do I find more help on playing?

Learn more in the Help section in game.

7. I accidentally deleted the game from my phone. How can I restore it back?

Download the game from the game store using the same id you downloaded the game with and Ta da! Your game is restored in your phone.

8. How do I retrieve the Coins, Tokens, Skill Rating etc. I scored earlier?

When you log into the game with your registered and validated id, your Skill Rating, currency, unlocks etc. also get restored so you don’t have to worry about playing from the scratch.

9. How can I avoid the game lagging in my device?

  • Close other apps running in the background to free up resources
  • Ensure your device is not running in power-saving mode
  • Check that you have a stable internet connection
  • Ensure your internet connection is fast enough, ideally at the recommended speeds (4G / WiFi).
  • Make sure you meet the system requirements to run WCC Rivals on your device. Click here to see System Requirements.

10. What happens if I disconnect in a game?

  • Being a multiplayer experience, disconnections can result in penalties.
  • Try not to get disconnected in the middle of a game for any reason, but if you do, you will have 30 secs to reconnect.
  • Try to reconnect within 30 seconds, otherwise the game will record it as a loss, and your Coins and Skill Rating will be reduced accordingly.
  • Try to avoid disconnecting more than 3 times, because the game will treat that also as a loss.
  • While bowling, if you do not give any input, the AI will deliver an “AFK ball” on your behalf with default parameters. Three such consecutive instances of “AFK ball” will result in a loss.

In-Game Controls

1. How can I choose the bowler?

When you choose to bowl, you can also choose the bowler you want to send for that over.

2. Can I choose the batsman while batting?

Yes, when you are batting you can choose Striker batsman and Non-Striker batsman while starting the innings. And when a wicket falls, you can choose the next batsman to enter the ground.

3. Can I change the fielding?

Yes, in-game you can click the Field Setup at the top left to cycle between the pre-made fielding setups.

4. How do I go about batting, bowling and fielding?

The Practice Mode in game will take you through all you need to know to control your Players while batting and bowling.

Fielding is managed by the AI for both teams.

5. How do I hit more fours and sixers?

While batting, try to tap the Batting Control to land on Power Drive or Loft to play powerful grounded and lofted strokes. These will help you get more fours and sixers.

6. How do I take more wickets?

While bowling, try to tap the Bowling Control to land on Special Delivery to bowl googlies, doosras, and other special deliveries to the batsmen. These are hard to hit, and can help you nab wickets.

7. How do I avoid getting run out?

  • Try and judge the ball placement of your shots and decide how many runs you can take safely.
  • Use the Cancel Run button if needed to get safely back to the crease.
  • Tap the Crease Dive button when available to dive for the crease in critical moments.

8. How do I avoid getting out to catches?

When lofting, make sure you also time the stroke correctly

Try and loft over the fielders or into gaps

System Requirements

Android Device
  • Android OS 4.0 or later
  • Device powered by an ARMv7 (Cortex family) CPU
  • GPU support for OpenGLES 2.0 is recommended
  • 1GB RAM (recommended for fluid gameplay)
Ios Device
  • Ios 8.0 or later
  • 1GB RAM
Windows Device
  • Windows 8.1 or later
  • 1GB RAM
  • Device powered by either x86 or x84 or ARM

Skill Rating / Skill Badges

1. What is Skill Rating?

Skill Rating (SR) is a number representing your level of skill compared to other Users of WCC Rivals.

All new users start out at 1000 SR.

2. What is the use of SR?

SR is used in Matchmaking to pair you with an opponent of similar skill. This is to help ensure a fair and equally challenging gameplay experience for both parties.

SR decides your standing in the Leaderboards.

SR also decides what Skill Badge you can display. This is a clear indicator to others of how skilled you are in WCC Rivals.

3. Where do I see my SR?

Your SR and SR Badge will be visible in several places such as the home screen, inside your Profile, in matchmaking and on the Leaderboards.

The % bar underneath your SR value shows you how close you are to earning the next badge.

4. Where do I see other Users’ SR?

Opponent’s SR will be shown before and after a match

Other Users’ SR can be seen on the Leaderboards.

5. How do I get more SR?

Win games! You get (on average) +50 SR for a win against an opponent of equal skill.

6. Can I lose SR?

You lose SR when you lose games. You lose (on average) 50 SR for a loss against an opponent of equal skill.

7. How do I get to a higher Skill Badge?

Earn a new Skill Badge with every +200 SR that you earn.

Usually this works out to about 4 wins against opponents of similar SR.

Having a higher Skill Badge is a showcase of your talent.

8. Can I go from a higher Skill Badge to a lower one?

Yes, if you lose too much SR your Skill Badge will downgrade to a lower one.

The amount of SR needed to be eligible for each Skill Badge can be seen in the Leaderboard.

9. Will my Skill Rating / Skill Badge ever get reset?

Once every season. Season length will be intimated at a later date.

Coins and Tokens

1. What are Coins and Tokens?

Coins and Tokens are the in-game currencies used in WCC Rivals

Coins are used primarily for match entry to the different Stages

Tokens are currently used to buy Coins.

2. How do I get more Coins and Tokens?

Coins are gained through Match Wins, Sporting Bonuses, and Daily freebies. They can also be bought for Tokens.

Tokens are gained through match wins. They can also be bought for real money.

3. What are Sporting Bonuses?

Sporting Bonuses are bonus Coin earnings you get while playing a match.

Performance FactorsCoin Points (CP) per occurrence
fours hit4
maiden overs12
dot balls2
sixes hit6
wickets taken through "bowled"6
wickets taken through wickie or C&B catch4
wickets taken through fielding/LBW.3
fifties hit10

You earn higher amounts of Sporting Bonuses in higher wager rooms.

Coin Earnings = Coin Points x Wager Amount / 500.


1. What are the Leaderboards?

Leaderboards compare your Skill Rating against other Users.

They display your SR and Skill Badge and show rankings of other Users close to you in SR.

Practice Mode

1. What is Practice Mode?

Practice is a gameplay mode always available to you so that you can try batting and bowling against an AI without worrying about changes in Skill Rating.

Learn and get used to the controls.

In Batting Practice, try and land Lofts and Power Drives.

Practice both Pace and Spin Bowling in the Bowling Mode, and try to land Special Deliveries in each.

My Squad

1. What is My Squad?

Decide your Playing XI from a roster of 25 players, balanced across batsmen, bowlers etc.

Rotate players between your Playing XI and your Full Squad as needed.

View details about individual Players in your Squad.

Rename Players as you like.

Customize your Players’ names, jersey styles and jersey numbers.

Assign roles such as Captain and Wicketkeeper to your Players.

Redownload Game (Missing OBB File)

To fix the missing obb file issue

The missing obb file issue may occur if you have recently used an app cleaner on your mobile device. The deep clean option in the App cleaners tend to wipe out the obb data. Kindly make sure you do not accidentally delete the obb file.

  • First Uninstall the Application.
  • Now, Go to Google Play Store -->> Download the Application (WCC Rivals).
  • Go to File Manager -> android -> obb -> com.nextwave.wccrivals folder->Check if the obb file is there inside the folder.
  • If the issue persists send us the details of your device and the issue summary to cricket@nextwavemultimedia.comso we can look into it.

Google Play Sign-in Problem


Player's device has Google Account with required Google Gamer ID, but still the game does not Sign In.

The Player launches the game, waits for the game to Auto - Sign In; the game fails to Sign In to the Google Account.

The Player launches the game, clicks on Sign In button inside the game; the game fails to Sign In after providing the Player with the Google Account selection pop-up.


The only known and working resolution to this problem is to follow the following steps in order.

  • Goto > Settings > Apps > Select Google Play Service > Force Stop
  • Goto > Settings > Apps > Select Google Play Service > Storage > Manage Space > Clear All Data
  • The launch the game and try Sign In; the Sign In will work perfectly.


Player's device has Google Account with no Google Gamer ID, does not Sign In to the game when using Mobile Data.(But works with WiFi).

The Player has the game, but has never created a Google Gamer ID (ie; fresh Google Account).

The Player launches the game, Sign In process takes place with a pop-up showing that there is No Active Internet Connection even when there is one.

The problem here is that the Google Server is not responding or rather the request is failing before it reaches the Google Server.

Resolution 1:

  • Goto > Settings > Date & Time > Turn ON Automatic DateGoto > Settings > Date & Time > Turn ON Automatic Date
  • Goto > Settings > Date & Time > Turn ON Automatic Time
  • The launch the game and try Sign In; the Sign In will work perfectly.

Resolution 2:

Turn OFF any Network Restriction that might be ON from Settings > Data Usage.

Resolution 3:

Try to use the WiFi to Sign In to the game.

Resolution 4:

Try to use a VPN (eg; Opera VPN) to Sign In to the game.

Unable to login into the game

If you are facing sign in issues in your Android mobile device kindly follow the instructions given below depending on your version of the OS. Hacked or altered version of the game downloaded from stores other than the ones officially used by the developer will not support sign in. If you face further issues after this kindly mail us the details and scenario of the bug to cricket@nextwavemultimedia.comso we can look into it and extend support.

For Android 4.4-5.1.1

Step 1- Google play games & google play service should be updated(open play games & ensure that no sync error issue occurs).

Step 2- Sync the google account in settings which is used for the game (settings- accounts- google-sync now)

For Android 6.0 and above

All app permissions have to be allowed in order to sign in. Go to Settings - Apps - World Cricket Championship 2 - Permissions - allow all the permissions manually.

Altered or Hacked Versions

Altered or hacked version of WCC Rivals are likely to be unstable and bug prone. The hacked versions generally do not support sign in and any issues related to these versions of WCC Rivals will not be supported by the team.